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#Truthbeauty Challenge: Skin Cleanse

Alexis Krauss

In honor of Skin Cleanse, Adina Grigore's enlightening new book, we're challenging you to go makeup free for one day. Before you grab your concealer, foundation, blush or powder, think about letting your skin just BE. Give it a break from all those products and instead, share your beautiful, bare face with the world.

 For many women (including me) the idea of going completely product free can be pretty scary. Instead of thinking about this challenge as a parade of imperfections, think about it as a time to really get to know your skin. Does your skin need all those synthetic things you love to slather on it everyday? Definitely not! Use your skin cleanse as a time to experiment with nourishing food-grade ingredients. Try a honey mask or a sugar and coconut oil scrub. Moisturize with some organic olive oil or tone with some apple cider vinegar. Keep it simple! And remember, what you put in your body is as important as what you put on it. So for this challenge try eating clean. That means whole foods and vegetables, polished off with lots of water.

My Skin Cleanse selfie! Join me and take the #skincleansechallenge.

My Skin Cleanse selfie! Join me and take the #skincleansechallenge.

I hope you'll take this #truthbeauty challenge with me and share your clean, fresh face with the world. Together we can inspire others to be bold and celebrate their clear, calm, happy skin. Post a pic of your unfettered face and use the hashtag #skincleansechallenge. You might just win a copy of Skin Cleanse! It really is an eye-opening book. Check out this review Beauty Lies Truth reader Lauren emailed us yesterday...

Hey Alexis!!!

I am only a few chapters in, but let me just say how amazing it is. I feel as if Adina is sitting in front of me saying all of this to me!  I get very giddy over makeup and beauty products of all kind, so this is like I'm having a convo with my friends about this stuff!!  This time around things are different; I'm actually learning about MY skin!  

I LOVE putting skin shaming to a rest for good!  I'm equally as guilty in this department because I'm not 100% confident in my skin due to have some red blotches, and uneven skin tones. Realizing that it's not just about what you put on your skin, but what you put in your body. It's also not that I wasn't educated in this department, but reading about it and having it sink in is really changing my thoughts about food. We all love pizza, and a good BBQ, but in between we have  to make it important to feed our bodies the right kinds of food.

Months ago when you guys started Beauty Lies Truth, I was appalled at how many of my daily products were filled with chemicals and preservatives. It scared me more than anything seeing some ingredients were linked to cancer. Two of my close family members have both died from cancer, and I do not want to follow down that path. I knew I needed new products right then and there. My transition started with S.W. Basics and I've been in love since. 

Even though I haven't finished the book I did skip ahead and peek at the recipes.  They look amazing, and I cannot wait to try them all!  DIY anything is fun for me!  I'm big into baking so making things to put on my face/body sounds like a great day to me. I hope to finish the book within a weeks time.