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DIY Skincare: Magnesium Lavender Mist


DIY Skincare: Magnesium Lavender Mist

Alexis Krauss

Last week on Instagram I invited you all to contribute your favorite DIY skincare recipes featuring Lavender. Lucky for us we received an email from @AuraApotheca with her simple yet highly effective Magnesium Lavender Mist. Holly of Aura Apotheca recommends using this mineral rich mist to help you relieve stress and sleep more soundly. Enjoy and email us with any additional recipes! Xoxo Alexis

Magnesium Lavender Mist:

Magnesium is a mineral essential to maintaining good health. Most of us are Magnesium deficient and this spray is an excellent way for your body to absorb it.  Lavender scent has been proven to promote sleep, relieve tension and act as an anti-inflammatory for the skin. 


  • 1 cup of Magnesium Chloride flakes (sold at WholeFoods, Amazon, etc)

  • 1 cup of Purified Water

  • A few drops of Organic Lavender Essential Oil

  • 1 glass or stainless steel/aluminum bottle with sprayer/mist (4 to 8 oz). Avoid plastic please!

  • Mixing bowl or large pyrex cup


  • Mix the 1 cup of warm water & Magnesium flakes until dissolved.

  • When mixture is cool, pour into bottle of choice. Then add a few drops of Organic Lavender Oil into bottle. 

  • Close Sprayer/Mist cap, then shakes vigorously to activate the aromatherapy scent.

Usage: Spray all over body as desired. Take a deep breath and RELAX.