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Not Just Another Beauty Box...

Alexis Krauss

Here at Beauty Lies Truth we love supporting innovative and entrepreneurial women who are changing perceptions about the efficacy and luxury of clean beauty brands. Sandy Siu, founder of EsthoriaBox is determined to spread the word about her favorite products by offering them to women in a new bi-monthly, carefully curated subscription box. We spoke to Sandy about what makes EsthoriaBox stand out and what she hopes to accomplish with her new company. Enjoy! Xoxo Alexis

There are a lot of beauty boxes out there. What makes EsthoriaBox different?

First off, EsthoriaBox is a bi-monthly subscription that offers 2-3 full- size of only natural/organic beauty products. I chose to offer bi-monthly because with 2-3 full size products, it takes some time for you to really discover what the product is doing for your skin, whether your skin is really benefiting from it or the color lipstick or blush you chose might not suit you at first, but later on after a few more applications, it grows on you and you love it! I find the only way you can discover what works for you is with time and full size products. I also want to give subscribers a choice of what products they want in their box. So they get to choose 1 to 2 products that are being featured that month.

EsthoriaBox puts a spotlight on one brand for each box. Celebrating a maker that is dedicated to creating all natural/organic products, green beauty lovers can enjoy the products they love or discover new products. I definitely want to emphasize that green beauty doesn't have to smell earthy or offer mediocre performance, but can be luxurious, high performing, look gorgeous on women, and provide beauty that is better for our health.

Tell us a bit about the process of choosing brands for EsthoriaBox. What clean/green standards must the companies meet?

 I read and follow a handful of very reputable green beauty bloggers, such as, BeautyLiesTruth, The Green Product Junkie, Edible Facial and a few more that review and share to their readers the best in green beauty. Bloggers that will tell you what creators are truly using clean ingredients, have ethical practices and try the best they can to use sustainable packaging. These bloggers are not afraid to expose the ones that are just green washing. That’s why whatever products they recommend, I will trust and go research more about the brand and try out the collection myself.

So when choosing a company to be featured in EsthoriaBox, the ingredients they use must be natural and organic with no hidden toxic chemicals, offer high quality performance and maintain consumer trust.

Sandy Siu, Founder of EsthoriaBox

Sandy Siu, Founder of EsthoriaBox

Tell us a bit about yourself and why you decided to jump into the world of natural beauty.

 I struggled with acne for years and have very sensitive skin. I tried many different products to help treat my breakouts. From using drug store acne creams and cleansers, to going to beauty clinics to get chemical peels. All those things did work, but only temporarily.

I was fed up with my constant acne break outs, until my mom introduced me to organic coconut oil. It led me to do some research and I couldn’t believe the products I was using had all these harsh and harmful chemicals that could be affecting my health, contributing to my acne and even harming the environment. So I tossed out my conventional beauty products, which were filled with toxic ingredients and slowly started replacing them with all natural, organic products. When I noticed my skin was drastically improving, I then switched all my personal care and household items to all natural.

What's next for EsthoriaBox?

Right now I’m preparing for the next box, which will be shipping out in July, so subscriptions will be open in June. I’m so excited to be collaborating with a very well trusted, luxurious skincare brand that considers themselves the next generation beauty. So look out for that!