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Virtuosa Beauty: A Smart Solution For Healthier Hair


Virtuosa Beauty: A Smart Solution For Healthier Hair

Jessica Assaf

The best part of business school is the opportunity to meet smart women creating smart products. I am honored to know Alexandra, Caitlin, and Tamara, the founders of Virtuosa Beauty. These brilliant women have reinvented the shower cap to make it easier to use and better at keeping hair looking good. Below is a guest post by co-founder Alexandra Holtzman. If you are interested in trying a shower cap, use promo code "BEAUTYLIESTRUTH" for a special discount. 

Tamara, Caitlin and Alexandra, the women behind Virtuosa. 

Tamara, Caitlin and Alexandra, the women behind Virtuosa. 

The key to great hair is surprisingly simple and requires less effort than all other hairstyling tips out there: wash your hair less often.
Shampooing your hair (especially with products that have harsh detergents like sodium lauryl sulfate) strips your scalp of its natural oils. Frequent shampooing causes your scalp to overproduce these oils to compensate for the loss – so paradoxically your hair actually feels more oily when it’s washed more often. And if you style your hair with heat (blow dryer, flat iron, curling iron), you probably already know that you’re damaging your tresses every time you use one of these tools. Skipping washes means styling your hair less often, which means less heat damage.
Okay, so it’s clear that less frequent washing results in healthier, less damaged hair, and reduces the waste your beauty routine generates (from the use of hair products and electricity for styling). The problem is, you still need to shower.
Enter Virtuosa Beauty, a company founded by three of my Harvard Business School classmates. They realized that many women can’t or don’t want to wash their hair every time they take a shower, but there was no good option to keep your hair perfectly dry and your style intact. Because existing shower caps weren’t effective, many women attempted to keep their hair dry in the shower by clipping/tying it up or wrapping it in a towel. These makeshift solutions didn’t work well either.
After lots of brainstorming and product testing, they released the Virtuosa shower cap just a few months ago. The (patent pending!) cap goes on like a headband, so it sweeps all your hair back, and it lets you keep your hair down. This is the real key – if you’re trying to not only keep your hair dry, but also keep your style looking perfect, you can’t clip or tie your hair up in the shower. It’s made of a soft, waterproof and breathable fabric that means your hair won’t frizz in steamy showers.
Check it out at – it’s the solution that will help you skip washes and do the right thing for your hair and the environment!