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Skin to Soul: Wolf's Eyelash Natural Perfumes


Skin to Soul: Wolf's Eyelash Natural Perfumes

Alexis Krauss

One of the best parts about running Beauty Lies Truth is discovering new companies run by intrepid, passionate women. Jill Munson of Wolf's Eyelash is one of those women. Jill recently launched a line of four all-natural, nontoxic, plant based perfumes and we can't get enough of them. Jill is interested not just in making delicious smelling perfumes but in formulating plant-based essential oils in ways that evoke energy and emotion. She calls this connection "skin to soul" and each of her scents transcend the nose to offer uniquely therapeutic properties. My personal favorite is Wild Joy. It's both spicy and refreshing and feels like the perfect fall fragrance. Unlike synthetic fragrances, Jill's perfumes can be inhaled deeply without worrying about exposure to phthalates and other potentially irritating chemicals. We're thrilled that Jill has taken the time to share her insights on the thriving clean beauty industry and the details of her handcrafted formulations. Enjoy! Xoxo Alexis

What was the inspiration behind starting Wolf's Eyelash? 

I have been making beauty products for major cosmetic companies for over 15 years and I've yet to experience a truly holistic and natural product that sincerely understands and utilizes the power of plant medicine and even more specifically its staggering influence over our emotions and our sacred soul! I started Wolf's Eyelash to bring a holistic and truly natural plant product to others that would not only make you feel beautiful, but aggress each individual on a soul level, offering people tools to help them through the struggles in life. 

The name says it all. The name Wolf's Eyelash was inspired by a poem written by Clarissa Estes encouraging us to face our fears and trust ourselves so that we may truly live. The Wolf's eyelash represents a gift of inner wisdom, uncanny vision, deep internal knowing and immense compassion. To see, to hear, to know; from soul to soul 

Tell us about your love for essential oils. 

Essential oils capture the most powerful and fragrant part of the plant and are superb for use in natural perfume. The plant's scent is a crucial part of the healing medicine plants offer us. Working with it is a true gift. Essential oils not only smell amazing, but also have deep therapeutic properties, which make them so much more powerful than synthetic fragrance. Not to mention they are natural and safe, unlike synthetics. I also base all my fragrances in pure, organic Grape Spirits harvested in Oregon. 

What are some of the therapeutic properties of your fragrances? 

Understanding the basic anatomy of the human brain and how it connects to smell will get you on your way to seeing the power plant scent has over us. The basic chemistry goes like this: 

The scent travels up your nose by-passing the verbal, conscious mind and directly targeting the inner mind corresponding to a primitive structure in the center of the brain, formerly called the 'olfactory brain' or the 'smell brain' and now termed the 'limbic system.' The limbic system controls emotion, behavior, memory and mood states. It is closely integrated with the olfactory pathways. So intimate that smell directly corresponds to an emotion within us. 

With that in mind each of my Emotion Potion perfumes are carefully crafted with handpicked plants that are proven to have certain effects over us. It is the alchemy of the scent combined with your personal power and intentions that make these not just a perfume, but beautiful bottles of magic.





What do you wish every consumer knew about synthetic fragrances? 

Most commercial products to use synthetic fragrances. Most synthetic fragrance contains phthalates, which have been shown to disrupt hormone activity, reduce sperm counts, and cause reproductive malformation, and have been linked to liver and breast cancer, diabetes, and obesity. Additionally, studies have shown a link of fetal exposure with autism, ADHD, and neurological disorders. Need I say more?

What's next for Wolf's Eyelash? 

Lots of good stuff coming up, primarily in skin care and skin remedies! I have reached way back into the herbal archives, perfecting recipes as far back as the 1700s. My next launch is still under wraps, but I can tell you it has been adored by women for centuries as the ultimate wrinkle cure, was written about by Shakespeare and believed to hold the keys to wisdom and insight. 

Lastly, tell us about your packaging. It's gorgeous and so unique!

Thank you! So much love goes into each product and the packaging is a huge part of it. I love art and love to paint so I wanted to be sure to include this love in my packaging. I've hand-drawn all the art on the packaging to demonstrate the intrinsic spirit of the product. And with deep love for our planet earth and everyone on it, I've made the packaging as compostable and earth friendly as possible. The outer cartons are made from 100% recycled materials and are completely compostable. The bottles are recyclable. The finishing touch-- I hand wrap each bottle with environmentally friendly, zero-waste leather.