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Healthy Happy Hair Without Shampoo


Healthy Happy Hair Without Shampoo

Alexis Krauss

One of the best parts of running Beauty Lies Truth is connecting with badass women who have started their own safe, effective and alternative beauty brands. Roxie Jane Hunt is one of those women. In addition to running one of our favorite progressive and sustainable beauty blogs How-to Hair Girl, she has created ShamPHree, an inspiring new Shampoo-Free natural haircare line. We're excited to share Roxie's story with you and we hope you'll explore the ShamPHree lifestyle! Xoxo Alexis

The ShamPHree line created by Roxie Jane Hunt.

The ShamPHree line created by Roxie Jane Hunt.

4 years ago, I was at my wits end. Home with a new baby, career in flux, stuck in a small town, and one bad hair day after another. The timing was  right to re-think my choices, from the ground up.  I needed a life-audit, of sorts, so I started taking stock of my life. I felt a dire need to simplify and cut the fat, so to speak. Around this time, I started blogging about hair, something I knew and understood. I am a hairdresser, and I was born that way.  I love hair, for its beauty and adornment, and for the magnitude of its importance to people. 

During this phase of my life, I felt very open to new ideas and theories, because the ones I had held dear up to that point were starting to feel stale and out-dated. One of these new theories was that I didn’t need  to shampoo my hair. It hit me like a ton of bricks one day, that the only time I liked my hair was after I hadn’t shampooed if for a long time, or after swimming in a river or the ocean. I loved the free-ness and the wildness and the texture of my natural hair, which seemed to be stripped away and grossly subdued by the use of shampoo and conditioner. 

I realized that I had spent my whole life thinking I needed to shampoo and condition my hair…..But for what? So that I could be perpetually frustrated by its slick fluffy dryness? I was subjecting my hair and skin to god knows what chemical preservatives with headache-inducing scents that fell through on their promises to deliver beautiful, healthy, strong, shiny hair. And I had to pay a lot of money for it? It was time to make a hair change. 

I started researching my options. I had a couple of clients who had been using the Baking Soda/Apple Cider Vinegar hair washing method, and swore by it. I decided to give it a try. I immediately got it. A method which allowed me to customize my hair care, while using incredibly simple ingredients that balanced out my scalp and allowed my natural hair oils to work their magic, and left me with perfectly 3rd day looking hair for days on end? Sold.  I love alchemy, I love saving money, and I love knowing exactly what is in the products that I introduce to my body. My ShamPHree hair journey began.

I started out experimenting with my mixing ratios. I learned a lot about what my hair likes and doesn’t like. I added coconut oil into the mix. I noticed what had once been an oily scalp and dry ends even out into wild shiny golden waves with massive texture and style-ability.  I started writing about my experience and sharing it. I used my social media through the How-to Hair Girl blog to discuss what would be a good name for the method, because I didn’t like No-Poo, and the term was already being used commercially. The name ShamPHree was born……a word which mixed the word free, shampoo, sham, and PH (for the PH scale;)

Before long, I found myself getting a ton of feedback, questions, and stories from women who were embarking on their own ShamPHree journeys! It was so encouraging and fun, because I felt like we were revolutionizing our beauty care, at a grass roots level. I watched all around me, as the choice of ditching conventional shampoo turned into a lifestyle lived more authentically on many other levels as well. More conscious choice, more personal responsibility, more empowered outcome.  It was like we were all waking up, together, and taking ourselves back. 

These experiences inspired me to create the ShamPHree kit which streamlines the Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar method of hair care with the necessary tools to  have an easy and fun system…… ingredients, cute bottles, funnel, brush,  nice scent mixes, directions, and fun images and packaging to make it feel pretty and special.  Along with the kits, I have a full line of hair styling products with organic ingredients which I make in small batches……remedies formulated from years of my Kitchen Beauty Alchemy experimentation.

I have sold hundreds of kits and products in the last year, in salons, boutiques, and online, and I take great pride knowing that as a result of my own experience, I am helping other people find the beauty in their own hair naturally through curiosity, experimentation, and the freedom that goes along with it. I now religiously rinse my hair weekly with Infused Beauty Vinegar, use Liquid Gold Hair Butter on my ends when they feel dry, and Masterbraider for texture and thickness. My hair is one good hair day after another. 

Free Your Hair!