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Skin, Body & Soul: An Interview with Heidi Jenkins, Founder of Skin & Bones


Skin, Body & Soul: An Interview with Heidi Jenkins, Founder of Skin & Bones

Alexis Krauss

Here at Beauty Lies Truth we are passionate about sharing the stories of the women behind the products we love. Heidi Jenkins founder of Skin & Bones is crafting some of the most beautiful, thoughtfully made and effective skincare products out there. According to the Skin & Bones website "All Skin & Bones products are made using a proprietary blend of essential oils derived from organic botanicals with deep, rich scents and therapeutic benefits." Heidi understands the connection between wellness and what we put on our bodies, so she creates products that reflect a holistic approach to skincare. Lucky for us Heidi took some time to share her insights on the natural beauty industry and the future of her company. Enjoy! Xoxo Alexis

The Skin & Bones collection.

The Skin & Bones collection.

Why did you start Skin & Bones?

In 2006 I met some Lakota Medicine People who introduced me to the powerful healing of essential oils.  They also taught me how our current skin care products could be causing us problems on a cellular level - hormonal, depression, eczema, acne, and more serious conditions.  During this time we were going through a death in the family and a stressful move and my skin was a mess.  I couldn’t find truly organic skin care and I also wanted something that worked for my whole family.  I was really frustrated that all of the products were saying they were face, or hand, or body,  or eye cream, but they all had the same ingredients.  I was also looking for something that smelled great on me but wasn’t feminine.  Everything for women was so girly.  So, I started making my own.  

What do find most inspiring about the world of natural beauty right now? 

That it may finally be taken seriously.  It is mind boggling to me that it is taking so long and people can put whatever they want in skincare and call it safe.  It is so inspiring to see people creating products that are so powerful and healthy and the community doesn’t feel competitive.  It feels more like a movement.  We are all in this together and all of the designers are so unique there is room for everyone.

Why do you think so many brands continue to formulate their products with toxic chemicals and synthetic ingredients? 

I think it is for profit and because the chemists are just used to using the same ingredients.  Not sure why they came up with these ingredients in the first place or how they benefit skin.  A lot of these brands are manufactured in the same place so I imagine it is just easier.

What advice can you give to female entrepreneurs looking to make an impact in the natural beauty world? 

I would tell them to trust their instincts and make products for themselves and they will find their fans.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  There are so many of us out there who are glad to help.  There is no way I could have done this alone.

What's next for Skin and Bones? 

We want to keep the skincare line simple - not just make products to make products - however, we have so many requests for other items we are keeping an open mind.  We are really focusing on some future collaborations to open up the brand to more than just skincare.

-Heidi Jenkins