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DIY Friday Beauty Tip: Less is More


DIY Friday Beauty Tip: Less is More

Alexis Krauss

Here at Beauty Lies Truth we're HUGE fans of Adina Grigore, founder of S.W. Basics and now author of Skin Cleanse: The Simple, All-Natural Program for Clear, Calm, Happy Skin. The book isn't out until mid-February but we thought we'd share some DIY beauty inspiration from it to get you ready for the weekend. We dare you to act like Adina and challenge yourself to really think about what each and every one of your beauty products is doing for you. Do you really need them? Is there a way for you to use less and still be happy with your skin? We think so! I know it's a challenge but before you go out and buy more stuff this weekend, stop and think about the good old phrase "less is more." Maybe instead of purchasing a new moisturizer packaged in plastic and full of chemicals, you opt to make your own or even just try some coconut oil. Instead of grabbing another bottle of exfoliator try scrubbing with sugar or remove Saturday night's makeup with olive oil instead of those expensive and wasteful makeup removing clothes. Go back to basics and cleanse with water and a washcloth, instead of that expensive cleanser. Remember you won't know until you try it and you probably don't even realize how many things you're buying just because you think you SHOULD be buying them. The beauty industry exerts some serious pressure on us to SPEND SPEND SPEND, and the last thing they want us to do is get all crafty in our kitchens. Adina says it perfectly in Skin Cleanse:

"If it were up to the personal-care industry, your daily routine would look something like this: wake up, shower with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, shaving cream; brush teeth, floss, use mouthwash; wash face, apply astringent, serum, moisturizer, primer, sunscreen, and bronzer. Then deodorant. Oh, and this is all before you even start thinking about makeup. And perfume. Throughout the day, you would turn to your face-blotting sheets, face spritzer, hand sanitizer, hand soap, and hand cream. At night, maybe you shower again, but this time, you apply a deep conditioner first (because you can never condition enough, right?). You remove your makeup, exfoliate (sometimes with a really expensive piece of equipment), and then apply eighteen different serums or lotions because there is one for your eyes, one for your T-zone, one for your neck, one for your elbows and knees, one for your legs, and one for your feet. On the weekends, this routine is twice as long. 

Here's what those companies would never want you to do: wake up, brush teeth, splash water on face, apply a natural moisturizer (maybe even just some coconut oil or olive oil from your pantry), use deodorant, and apply mascara. Go out. Come home. Quickly cleanse face and take mascara off with more oil from your kitchen, wash hair with shampoo. Go to bed. Condition hair only on weekends, use a face cleanser once a week, and exfoliate once a month. Make a homemade face mask once in a blue moon for fun or for furious skin (a breakout; a sunburn; or dry, chapped skin from freezing weather)."

Change is scary and I'm certainly not asking you to throw away all of your products or stop buying everything. I'm just suggesting you think about WHY you're purchasing certain things and WHY you're not nourishing your face with the same things you use to nourish your body. Check out this video for a bit more inspiration and PLEASE do yourself a favor and read Skin Cleanse when it's out next month. Xoxo Alexis