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Let's Get Real


Let's Get Real

Alexis Krauss

Scarlett Newman

There are a ton of beauty sites out there, but most of them aren't publishing the stories of REAL women. Here at Beauty Lies Truth we think that's #beautybullshit!  This blog is all about building a diverse community of women who don't normally get covered by trendy beauty sites, and who are passionate about safety and sustainability. Jess and I created Beauty Lies Truth as a space for women to learn from one another. It is a platform for sharing stories openly and honestly. Scarlett Newman is a dear friend of mine and was recently inspired to make some serious changes to her beauty routine. Over the next several months Scarlett will be documenting her real life journey through the natural beauty landscape. We are thrilled to have her posting and we hope you find inspiration in her path. Xoxo Alexis

Hello to all of the faithful Beauty Lies Truth readers, and welcome to all of our new readers! My name is Scarlett Newman, and I’m here to share my natural beauty experiences with you. I’m originally from North Carolina (but born in Chicago!) and I’ve just moved to New York City for my Graduate studies. I study fashion at the moment, but I’ve always had a deep affinity for the beauty/skin care world. Like some of you, I’m still learning how to question what I put on my skin. Navigating the benefits and detriments of all the products I use can be tricky! I’m a work in progress, but I’m determined to access the best products going into and onto my body. Luckily, Beauty Lies Truth has created a space where we’re all able to learn and share our natural beauty journeys candidly and honestly.

My Inspiration

To be honest, before I got to college I wasn’t really concerned about natural beauty and all of the things it entails. When I was fresh out of high school and headed out on my own, my primary concerns were fitting in, staying on-trend and making as many friends as possible. I was using whatever cosmetics were the coolest and best looking, and I certainly wasn't concerned about educating myself on the harmful chemicals I was putting into/onto my body. Fortunately, once I stopped caring so much about what others thought about me, I finally started listening to my mom!

My mom has always been a cheerleader for natural beauty. Ever since I can remember, she was always making her own soaps, shea butters, hair oils—the list goes on! As a health and fitness advocate, she always made sure that we had a membership to the local gym and she transitioned the healthy mindset into the kitchen. Sure, I was always aware of the things she did to contribute to our family’s health, but it didn’t really hit me until I got out on my own why she did those things. Everything she taught me has created a very solid foundation that’s benefited me to this day.

It’s been almost a year since I “went natural” with my hair, meaning I stopped chemically straightening it. I wish I’d made this decision a bit earlier, because I’m actually OBSESSED with my hair—something that you would have never heard me say prior to doing this! I take so much pride in the way that I take care of it and style it, and it’s given me this boost of confidence and energy that I’ve never felt before. Now that there are no harsh chemicals going onto my hair, it’s growing like grass and it feels awesome! Although natural hair is not for everyone, it’s a change that I highly recommend. So, thank you mom, for inspiring me everyday and leading me down the path of making great choices!

Why Natural Beauty?

Like I mentioned above, I’ve always had an affinity for the beauty/skin care world, but it wasn’t until this website was created (which was a nice kick in the ass!) that I took a further, more intense initiative to research the chemicals that were going into some of the products I was using everyday. And you know, a lot of these global brands that claim to be “all natural” are complete bullshit. I could mention a specific brand that duped me (and by the way, broke my heart!) but I’ll save that for another post! I’m grateful that I get to work with the kick-ass ladies here at Beauty Lies Truth: this is the ultimate learning experience! So join me and let’s learn together.

-Scarlett xxo